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Using Learnist as a Learning Board

I have been using Learnist as a general interest site for a few months and recently began to think about how I could use it in my class.

Learnist is a similar platform to the very popular Pintrest but has features which I feel are more useful as digital learning tool.

My class has been exploring a whole group inquiry with the guiding question – how are creation myths relevant today?

Based on my students’ emerging ideas I decided to create a learning board of my own on Learnist to continue the conversation and gather digital resources they can use as they continue their inquiry.

I began by watching the following how-to video to learn about creating a learning board:

From there I considered my students’ key ideas and started searching for websites, blogs, images and videos which would support their learning.

Once again Youtube pulled through and I found an excellent TedTalks video on eastern vs. western myths. Next I discovered a website which explored the influence of creation myths on video games and finally I used Creative Commons to search for an image which could represent the Big Bang theory. With these three learning pages created I was left with two remaining key ideas to address. I couldn’t find any resources which I felt were valuable for my students so I decided to create my own images.

First I used  Wordle to create a word cloud based on the words and ideas that emerged from our class discussions on how learning about creation myths leads us to understanding and accepting other cultures. Next challenge? How was I to get that wordle on my learning board?

Screenshot. Photo edit. Insert.

To create my final board I used the Pic Collage app
to create a photo collage of children’s books based on creation myths or legends.

One of the features I like about Learnist is that you can add notes or descriptions to your learnings (the “pages” on your learning board). This gave me an opportunity to summarize, question or expand on class discussion ideas with each digital resource.

After creating the learning pages I reorganized them in a sequence which developed or built upon the previous page’s topics or themes.

Another feature I found helpful in Learnist was that I could send my learning board to my Edmodo account where my students will be able to access it at home and school.

In the end, and with two emails to the helpdesk, I ended up with my own learning board which is truly a multimodal resource including websites, videos, images and notes.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not accept the coding Learnist uses to embed. However, you can click on the image below to go to the creation myth learning board:


If you are interested in reading more about how Learnist supports digital learning check this out:


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