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Treading into the land of Twitter

I’ve been avoiding it for years.

I’ve smirked at the words “tweet” and “hashtag”.

I’ve been resentful of the rolling Twitter feeds which have crept on to the screens of some of my favourite t.v. shows.

And then I found myself sitting at my District Learning Mentors meeting and going through the motions of creating my own Twitter account!

With a “gentle nudge” our District leaders encouraged us to create accounts where we will begin collaborating, communicating and supporting our roles as school learning mentors.

There I was building a profile, sitting side by side fellow mentors as we learned about hashtags and posting my initial tweet.

Years of looking down my nose at Twitter flew out the window. How could have I have been missing out on this social media goldmine!

It was this tweet which helped me turn the corner.

As I began following more colleagues I was discovering a treasure trove of critical conversation prompts, educational resources and inspiring ideas. Waking up to tweets from some of my favourite educational researchers and writers including Harvey Daniels, Cris Tovani and Kylene Beers is like teacher Christmas morning to me.

This isn’t a digital learning tool that I would consider using with my students and parents (yet) as I know many of them are not Twitter users, but this is absolutely a tool that I will use for my own professional development and growth.

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